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Here is what is written on page 39 of "The Cars in the Saab Museum" art no. 01 92 195
"Only two years after production of the Saab 99 started, work was begun on a new project - X14. It might not have been quite as exciting as the X designation suggested, but it did have a revolutionary effect on the approach to motoring in many quarters. Essentially, it was a hatchback - a cross between a comfortable family saloon and an out-and-out station wagon - called the Combi Coupé.

"The Saab 99 Combi Coupé entered the market just after the New Year in 1974. Shortly before, Saab had wondered whether the Combi Coupé hatchback concept might not be a good idea for the Saab 96 as well.

"The Saab Design Center, under the leadership of Björn Envall, produced sketches for the 1974 Saab 98, on the floorpan of the Saab 95. The prototype was manufactured by the Italian Coggiola. But the Saab management did not think the Saab 98 was worth developing. Apart from that, there was already the Saab 95 as a practical family car of a size just below that of the Saab 99 Combi Coupé.

"The experimental Saab 98 was painted in one of the new 1974 colours, Sienna Brown, and had the same model year's new front grille of plastic. A neat, driveable tin box of which only one exists."

Thanks to: Larry West
New Jersey Saab Owner's Club
I visited your site today and I saw you question on the Saab 98 pix page. Yes, they are the same cars only in different colors and as you can see, the Orange Saab 98 has the Saab 99 EMS Wheels. Keep up the good work!
Regards: David |
Is this the same car? Or are there two of them! Inquiring minds want to know!

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