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The Bikes for Syria project has repaired and refurbished thousands of bicycles which are delivered to Syria and Lebanon via container freight by NuDay, an organization committed to rebuilding the lives of refugees and empowering vulnerable populations. All the action is over on the Bikes for Syria Facebook page. Come see us there!
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Jeff’s SAAB obsession began as a toddler back when Saabs only had 2-stroke engines. Today, Jeff’s SAAB pages contain a world-renowned Wheels Reference as well as one of the most comprehensive listing of SAAB models and toys on the internet (yes, he’s got it bad). 
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15 seconds of Fame. Jeff did the Graphics for the Hubble Mission Patch a long, long time ago.

Jeff’s computer career started about the same time desktop publishing was invented.  Using his degree in music to the fullest, Jeff ended up in IT and spent the last two decades or so of his professional life working for one organization which merged from Ascend Communications, to Lucent Technologies, and finally to Nokia.  Jeff retired in 2018. 

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Another moment of fame, this time for the Bikes For Syria project. Hop on over to the Keene Sentinel's magazine, Monadnock Table, for a good writeup.
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Last diddling August 2021
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