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Hubble Mission Patch
My 15 seconds of Fame. I did the Graphics for the Hubble Mission Patch!

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SAAB - the other Toy

Not everything is a computer...

Geek Speak Central:
Geeky bits of stuff...

Why use a Macintosh? 
OS War Animation
Member of the Mac Pod 

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So, you have some old equipment you want to donate?

Favorite Radio Stations:
Southern NH area:
NHPR - New Hampshire Public Radio

89.1, Concord, WEVO 90.3, Nashua, WEVO
90.7, Keene, WEVN 91.3, Littleton, WEVO
91.3, Hanover, WEVH 99.5, Jackson, WEVJ
104.3, Dover, WEVO 107.1, Berlin, WEVC

Eastern Mass/Boston area:
WGBH - Boston Public Radio
WXRV - "Boston's Music Authority"

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