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2006 SAAB Convention

The Convoy! Three, yes three, Convertibles!
Carl Levine - 1999 9-5 SE, Ken Shaitman - 1984 900T with Zach Wallace on shotgun, Kevin Rhodes - 1992? 900 Convertible, Ryan Emge - 1987? 900 Convertible, Jeff Powell - 1994 900 Convertible
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SAAB Convoy to SOC 2006!  SAAB Convoy to SOC 2006!  SAAB Convoy to SOC 2006! SAAB Convoy to SOC 2006!
Pit Stop!
 SAAB Convoy to SOC 2006! SAAB Convoy to SOC 2006!  SAAB Convoy to SOC 2006!

Turbo! Bling!

Turbo! Bling! 

A Monster and a Limo

SAAB Monster SAAB Monster
SAAB 99 Limo SAAB 99 Limo SAAB 99 Limo

And the best part - the local pizza delivery car is a SAAB!

SAAB Pizza! SAAB Pizza! SAAB Pizza!

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