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There's still some SOC 2005 stuff for sale, please help support the volunteer efforts of the people who put on this wonderful event!

2005 SAAB Owners Convention Merchandise

Gettin' Ready!

Towing the Sonett to SOC-05 Towing the Sonett to SOC-05
Towing the Sonett to SOC-05 Towing the Sonett to SOC-05 

Test driving the 9-7x...
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Test driving the 9-7x 

Vintage Vista

Vintage Vista - Sonetts Vintage Vista - 93 & 96s Vintage Vista - 93 & 96s Vintage Vista - 99
Vintage Vista - 96 Vintage Vista - Sonett & Quantum Vintage Vista - Bumblee Bee!
Vintage Vista - E-codes Vintage Vista - Let there be light! No honey, I'm NOT lost!

The Upper Deck...

1980 SAAB 96 SAAB 99 GL SAAB 99 EMS SAAB 96s
SAAB 99 EMS & SAAB 99 Pickup SAAB  Sonett III SAAB  Sonett III SAAB  Sonett III
1950 SAAB 92 1950 SAAB 92 1950 SAAB 92 1950 SAAB 92

My favorite of the whole show...

 SAAB 95 & SAABO Caravan 

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