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 900 ConvertibleSAAB900NG 

Did I say Sixth 9000? More like seventh!.
The first was a black 1987 9000t which we passed on to a starving student when it only had 225,000 miles on it. It's still cruising around Arizona last we heard. The second was a silver 1987 9000s that had been through several students before it came to us. It was pretty rough and has now donated many parts to "Brown Sugar" the 1988 Turbo.
The third was a 1993CS [SOLD!] and then I built a 1988 Turbo [BRNSGR] - in some ways, the best 9000 we ever had - not tree-proof, however.... [scroll down]. "Eduardo" came to live with us briefly, but had a bad tranny, so Eduardo gave up many of his parts to "Q." "Q" has reached her sell-by date, and so has been retired
Now, another 9000 has come to us. Say goodbye *sniff* to "Q" and say hello to our "new" 1996 9000 CS!
1996 SAAB 9000 CS  1996 SAAB 9000 CS 1996 SAAB 9000 CS
She needs a little this and that [brakes, perhaps a muffer, a name], but otherwise, a lovely, well maintained SAAB!

"Q"'s story ==> Q's new grill UPDATE: "Q" turned 200! 200,000 miles that is...

Happy 200-thousandth mile day to "Q"
Happy 200-thousandth mile day to "Q"
Happy 200-thousandth mile day dear "Q"
Happy 200-thousandth mile day to "Q"
It was so much fun watching the 199999 turn over...

Before: Summer of 2001 - Our resurrected 2-tone 1988 9000T! Yahoo!

1988 SAAB 9000t
After: Winter of 2003 [February] - Tree + SAAB = bummer

Smacked SAAB Smacked SAAB Smacked SAAB
Smacked SAAB Smacked SAAB Smacked SAAB Smacked SAAB
Buried in the snow!
Our 1993 9000CS answering the age old question: "How do I get my Sonett nose home?"
On the roof of your 1993 9000 CS, how else?

Sonett Nose on 9000 roof 1 Sonett Nose on 9000 roof 2
1993 SAAB 9000CS
No cupholder in your 9000? Steal one from a Ford Taurus SHO!
Ford Taurus Cupholder in a SAAB 9000 Commuting SAAB style Ford Taurus Cupholder in a SAAB 9000
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Other people's 9000's
1997 9000 AERO
1986 Talladega Long Run
1996 9000 AERO
1996 9000 CSE
1996 9000 CSE
1994 9000 CDE
1997 9000 AERO
SAAB CD diagram
1997 9000 CSE
1994 SAAB 9000 Aero
1998 9000 CSE
1994 9000 CD
SAAB 9000 Aero
1997 SAAB 9000 Anniversary Edition
1997 9000 CSE V6
1997 9000 CSE
SAAB Griffin Badge
Gary Coe's 1997 Anniversary

Team SAAB  SAAB 9000 CSE
Let's not forget the SAAB 9000 wagon! Never made it off the drawing board...
SAAB 9000 Wagon
If SAAB ever did build it, it might have looked like the Lancia Thema Wagon, since they share a common plaform
Lancia Thema Wagon
Margus Hơim has gathered specs for several Euro cars, including the the 9000.
Click Here and scroll down...
1989 SAAB brochure cover 1997 9000 & 900 Catalog Cover 1998 9000CD Catalog Cover  1998 9000CD Catalog Interior 
SAAB 9000 Cutaway

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